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Sleep-time Vision Enhancement Techniques

PRE ORDER - Course Available November 17, 2020. For $20.00 OFF use Code VISIONYES

Did you know that vision and movement development are correlated? 

When a child can't see it affects all their milestone development abilities. More often than not, the body is capable of movements, but lack of vision make a child unable to respond to stimuli naturally like a seeing child would. By applying the techniques in this course for only 15 minutes a day you will evoke changes in your child's vision and movement abilities. The key is consistency.  

What you will get:

  • When a child is asleep that is when they are in their most neutral state. The purpose of this course is to reorganize their movement foundations into a more natural neutral state in which their vision can function better. 
  • I would also take into account that more than likely CVI is not the only diagnosis your child has, so this course is not only for vision development bur for movement development as well. 

Disclaimer: Vision and movement enhancements will vary from child to child. This is a beginners course in vision and movement development. There is so much more that can be done with the techniques that you will learn here and how they influence vision and development, but we are going to start with baby steps. Since the two are correlated, when you improve vision you improve all movements in the body. Structural abnormalities can also influence the results (flat head, hip dysplasia, etc.). The focus of this course is to work on your child while asleep, which can be challenging, even though all the exercises can be done while your child is awake their active vision will present some challenges to you without further instruction. This information will be available in the upcoming product "Awake Vision Enhancement Techniques." Make sure you have signed for our mailing list to be updated in the development of this product.